Maharashtra State Excise
The law relating to intoxicants, including liquor , and state excise duties thereon was initially administered by the excise department in this state till June 1949.With repeal of the Bombay Abkari Act, 1878 and introduction of Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949, with effect from 16th June 1949, the Excise Department was renamed as Prohibition and Excise Department and made responsible for enforcement of and education on prohibition.

Strict Prohibition continued till December 1963. Thereafter a rationalised prohibition policy was brought into force. Under the raltionalised policy, toddy scheme was introduced in the state first and the manufacture of potable liquor was allowed thereafter in stages. Permit system was further rationalised and licences for sale of potable liquor such as vendors, permit room, beer bars, and country liquor were granted. The department was again renamed as State Excise Department in October 1990.
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